Used to vs.Get used to

Target audience: teenagers, adults

Level: Intermediate and above

Language Focus: Grammar

Practice Type: General

Lesson Plan:

  1. Revise the rule
  2. Do practice activities
1. Revise the rule

Употребление used to / be used to / get used to

Used to используется при описании событий, которые регулярно происходили в прошлом, а потом прекратились: либо на время, либо насовсем

Обороты be used to и get used to употребляются для выражения действий, ставших привычными:
I am used to waking up at 7 every day. – Я привык каждый день вставать в десять.
Over time, he'll get used to it. — Со временем он к этому привыкнет.

I used to play with Kate. – Раньше я играл с Катей. (а теперь больше с ней не играю)
I am used to playing with Kate. – Я привык играть с Катей. (и теперь играю)

Между be used to и get used to есть небольшая разница:
be used to используется, чтобы подчеркнуть тот факт, что вы уже привыкли (результат).

get used to / be getting used to используется для описания процесса привыкания к чему-то, что казалось странным, а теперь постепенно не кажется.

I am used to waking up at 10 every day. – Я привык каждый день вставать в десять. (всегда вставал в это время, это для меня нормально)
I am getting used to waking up at 10 every day. – Я постепенно привыкаю каждый день вставать в десять. (раньше так не делал, а теперь привыкаю и постепенно это становится нормальным)

get used to - это своего рода промежуточный этап на пути к be used to
I found Polish food very strange at first but I was getting used to it and now I’m used to it.
По началу польская кухня казалась мне странной, потом постепенно я привыкал к ней и теперь такое питание кажется мне обычным.

Обороты be used to и get used to требуют после себя существительного или герундия:
I am used to this noise. -Я привык к этому шуму.
Will he get used to going to this school? -Он привыкнет ходить в эту школу?

2. Do practice activities

 Task 1. Choose the correct answer:

Jim doesn't have a girlfriend now but he _______________________.          

A. didn't use to;

В. used to;

C. was using to

2. People__________________________ the Internet yet but in a few years time everybody will be surfing around like crazy.

A. aren't used to using;

В. doesn't use;

C. isn't used to using

3. I_______________________________ to play football when I was young. I'm too old and fat to play now.

A. use;

В. got used to;

C. used

4. Pepe Juan was in London for a year. He liked England  but he_________________    the insipid food and the miserable weather.

A. could ever get used to;

В. could never get used to;

C. can ever get used to

5. I've been getting up early every day for years but I ______________   to it.

A. used;

В. am still not used;

C. am already used

6. If you go to live in the United Kingdom,  you________________________      on the left.

A. 'll have to get used to drive;

В. 'll have to get used to driving;

C. 'd have had to get used to

7. At first it was difficult for her to speak in French all the time but she_________         to it now.

A. is used;

В. uses;

C. gets used

8. After the holidays it takes me a week _ ____________up early again.

A. to get used to getting;

В. to be used to getting;

C. to get used to get

9. The queue in the baker's____________ to be so bad but now it's terrible. It must be that new chapata bread they bake. It's delicious.

A. didn't use;

В. didn't used;

C. was used

10. Do you mind if I________________ your phone?

A. used;

В. am using;

C. use


Task 2. Complete the following sentences with the correct form of used and the verb in brackets:

1. Caroline _______________ (have) a walkman, now she has an ipod.

2. We haven't seen Bob very often since he got a promotion. He's very busy. He _____________________(not be) so busy.
3. I've just got my first job. It's exciting but I'll have _______________________(work) regular hours.
 4. It is difficult for Tom to drive in England. He ____________________ (drive) on the left-hand side of the road.

 5. When Peter was young, he ________________ (ride) a bicycle to school.
6. People from India usually find our food tasteless. They ________________________ (eat) spicy food.

 7. Computers ________________ (be) very expensive. Now the prices are more reasonable.
8. English has become international. Businessmen ________________________ (speak) English at international meetings.
9. During my childhood, I ________________ (spend) a lot of time with my grandparents.
 10. Maria _________________ (think) that she would never ________________________ (live) in New York.

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Task 1. 1. B; 2. A; 3. C; 4. B; 5. B; 6. B; 7.A; 8.A; 9.A; 10.C Task 2. 1. used to have; 2. didn't use to be, 3. to get used to working, 4. isn't used to driving, 5. used to ride, 6. are used to eating, 7. used to be, 8. are used to speaking / have go