Target audience: Teenagers, Adults

Level: Pre-Intermediate and above

Language Focus: Vocabulary, Speaking

Practice Type: General Practice

Lesson Plan:

  1. Get to know new vocabulary
  2. Get to know new phrases
  3. Practice the dialogue
1. Get to know new vocabulary

  • Customer
  • Cashier / clerk
  • Attendant / assistant
  • Manager
  • Wallet (male)
  • Purse (female)
  • Scale
  • Till / Counter
  • Barcode
  • Receipt
  • Gift receipt
  • Aisle
  • Shelf / shelves
  • Trolley / s
  • Basket / s
  • Lift / s
  • Escalator / s
  • Bag / s
  • Fitting rooms / changing rooms
  • Cheques
  • Cash
  • Notes
  • Coins
  • Card machine
  • Chop and pin machine
  • Credit cards / debit cards
  • Loyalty card
  • convenience store / general store / newsagents / department store / shop / store
  • chemist / pharmacy
  • toy shop / toy store
  • book shop
  • ladies clothing shop / boutique
  • men’s clothing shop / tailor
  • shoe shop / cobbler’s
  • jeweller’s / jewellery store
  • opticians / optometrists
  • electrical store
  • record shop
  • ironmonger’s / ironmongery
  • charity shop / second hand shop
  • haberdasher’s / haberdashery
  • shopping centre
  • shopping mall / mall
  • market
  • florist / botanist
  • butcher’s
  • fishmonger’s / seafood store
  • greengrocers / grocery store
  • baker’s / bakery
  • delicatessen
  • grocer’s
  • DIY store / home supply store
  • hardware store
  • off-licence
  • post office
  • supermarket
  • gardening store / gardening centre

2.Get to know new phrases

Если вы хотите посмотреть что-то:
  • Can you show me the ….. please? (Informal)
  • Could you show me the ….. please? (Informal / Formal / More Polite)
  • Would you be so kind to show me the ….. please? (Formal)
  • I’d like to see the ….. please.
  • Could you direct me to the …. aisle please?

Если вы хотите что-то померить:
  • Do you have any testers for these (lipstick) colours?
  • Can I try it / them on, please?
  • Could I try it / them on, please?
  • Is it okay if I try this / these on?
  • Where can I try it / them on?
  • Where are the changing rooms, please?

Как попросить другой цвет или размер:
  • Do you have it / them in size ….. please?
  • Do you have this/these in a smaller / bigger / larger size please?
  • Can I try the larger / small one please?
  • Do you have it / them in a different colour please?
  • This is a little too tight / loose, do you have another one?

Когда вы наконец решили что вы хотите купить:
  • Wow, this one is great. I’ll take it!
  • This one is perfect, I’ll take it thanks.
  • I’ll have this one, please!
  • Can I buy the …. , please?
  • How much is it / are they?
  • I’d like to buy this one, please.
  • I’d like to buy it / them, please.

3.Practice the dialogue

    Task 1. Расставьте фразы в подходящее место в диалог. Потренируйтесь в его чтении.

the changing room is over there    /     here’s my credit card    /     Shall I put your receipt in the bag?     /                it really brings out your eye colour     /    
           Please go to the tills, and pay over there.      /      Here you go.    /
                                             What size are you?


A: Hi there, can I help you with anything?
B: Yes please, I’m looking for a T-shirt.
A: (1)__________________________
B: I’m a medium.
A: What colour would you like?
B: Maybe a blue or green one.
A: Here you are. How about these?
B: Thank you. Can I try them on anywhere?
A: Certainly, (2)_______________________.
B: Thank you.
A: How do they fit?
B: They’re both fantastic. I really like them.
A: Yes, the blue looks nice on you, (3)___________________.
B: Thank you. I’ll buy both of them!
A: Great! (4) ____________________________
B: Alright, thank you for your help.
C: Who’s next please!
B: Hi there, I’d like to buy these please.
C: OK, how would you like to pay?
B: Do you take credit cards?
C: Yes, we do. 
B: Okay, (5)__________________________.
C: Enter your pin number into the machine please.
B: Okay, done.
C: Thank you. (6)__________________________
B: Yes please.
C: (7) __________________Have a nice day!
B: Thank you, goodbye!


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Task 1. 1. What size are you? 2. the changing room is over there 3. it really brings out your eye colour 4. Please go to the tills, and pay over there. 5. here’s my credit card 6. Shall I put your receipt in the bag? 7. Here you go.