Target audience: Teenagers, adults

Level: Intermediate and above

Language Focus: Vocabulary

Practice Type: General Practice

Lesson Plan:

  1. Get to know thenew vocabulary
  2. Do some activities
1. Get to know the new vocabulary

Types of relationships

Relations can be close and more distant

    best/good friend
    friend, casual acquaintance
    close colleague
    lover, steady boy/girlfriend

If you are still not married, but you are in a relationship with someone, you might get engaged and become a fiancée. Officially we call this husband-to-be/wife-to-be.

Liking or disliking someone

can’t stand/loathe
look up to/admire
look down on/despise
be attracted to/fancy
repel/leave someone cold

  • Mary seems to idolise Rob, while I cant even stand him. – Кажется, что Мэри идеализирует Роба, а я его терпеть не могу.
  • We have always looked up to John for his dedication to charity work. – Мы всегда с уважением относились к Джону за его приверженность благотворительной работе.
  • Sam really fancies blondes, but brunettes just leave him cold. – Сэму нравятся блондинки, а брюнетки оставляют равнодушным.
  • People always look down on those who are cruel to animals. – Люди всегда с презрением относятся к тем, кто жесток в обращении с животными.
Phrasal verbs and collocations


  • make friends
become friends with someone
  • fall in love
start loving someone
  • hit it off with someone
have a great relationship with someone at once
сразу же понравиться друг другу
  • get along with
have a good easy-going relationship
хорошо ладить
  • fall out with
quarrel or argue
  • click with
form a romantic relationship
сходиться с кем-то
  • fall for somebody
fall in love with somebody
увлечься кем-то
  • drift apart
getting to be distant in the relationship
отдаляться друг от друга
  • break up
finish a relationship
  • love at first sight
immediate love
любовь с первого взгляда
  • tie the knot
get married

2. Do some activities

Task 1. Заполните пропуски подходящими глаголами, поставив их в нужное время:


They always_______ John about who would sleep on the bottom bunk.

Nobody knows why they decided to _______. They seemed to be such a loving couple.

I don’t really _______ my sister’s husband.

Everyone wanted to _______ the new classmate.

We just _______ immediately – we have so many things in common.

They _______ as soon as they first met in the school competition.

Do you believe in _______?

Ted _______ Alice and they decided to get married.

When are you going to _______? I think September is a beautiful time for that.

When you graduate you usually _______ with your university mates.

They _______ when they were just teenagers.

Task 2. Прочитайте предложенную информацию. Какие взаимоотношения связывают этих людей?

John Silver: owns a language school for business people in Bath. Worked at the Sun School, Oxford in 1994-1995.
Nora Costa: was in GB Olympic swimming team in 1992. Was in same class at school as Ada Brigg.
Josh Yates: politician, was married to Eve Cobb 1983-1990. Met Bill Nash a couple of times.
Bill Nash: works every day with John Silver. Shared a flat years ago with Eve Cobb.
Ada Brigg: was married to Bill Nash 1991-1994. Swam for Britain in 1992 Olympics.
Fred Parks: politician. Knew Ada Brigg years ago, but not very well.
Ana Wood: has lived as a couple (unmarried) with Bill Nash for the last five years.
Lorna Fitt: taught at Sun School, Oxford, 1990-1997. Lives with Josh Yates.

    • Use such words as: flatmate, colleague, ex-husband/wife, partner, team-mate, acquaintance.
    • John Silver and Lorna Fitt were _______ in 1994-1995.
    • Josh Yates is Eve Cobb’s _______.
    • Eve Cobb is Josh Yates’ _______.
    • Eve Cobb used to be Bill Nash’s _______.
    • Bill Nash and John Silver were _______.
    • Ada Brigg and Nora Costa were Olympic _______.
    • Ana Wood is Bill Nash’s _______.
    • Nora Costa and Ada Brigg were _______.
    • Bill Nash and Eve Cobb were _______.
    • Bill Nash is Eve Cobb’s _______.
    • Fred Parks and Ada Brigg were once _______.

  • Resources: Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell. English Vocabulary in Use

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Answer Key: Task 1: 1.fall out with, 2.break up, 3.get along with, 4.make friends with, 5.clicked, 6.hit it off, at first sight, 8.fell for, 9.tie the knot, 10.drift apart, 11.fell un love Task 2: 1.colleagues, 2.ex-husband, 3.ex-wife, 4.flatmate,