English For Dating

Target audience: teenagers, adults    

Level: All levels

Language Focus: Vocabulary

Practice Type: General Practice

Lesson Plan:

  • Get to know new vocabulary
  • Get to know “dating slang”
  • Do practice activities

1. Get to know new vocabulary

 Phrasal Verbs 

  • Ask sb out: пригласить на свидание

She's asked Steve out to the cinema this evening.

  • Go out with sb: встречаться с кем-то

How long have you been going out with him?

  • Hit on sb: флиртовать с кем-то

Some guy hit on me while I was standing at the bar.

  • Turn sb down: отказывать (в свидании)  

I turned him down.

  • To make up:  искупить, загладить вину

I'm sorry I missed your birthday. I'll make it up to you, I promise.


  • Flirt: = hit on sb: флиртовать с кем-то

Christina was flirting with just about every man in the room.

  • To be seeing sb= to be going out with someone or to date someone.

It's just I know you must be seeing someone else.

Verb Phrases

  • Build up courage: набраться смелости

 I’m going to take her to dance, but I just need a few moments to build up some courage.

  • Have a crush: on sb: влюбиться в кого-то

I didn't know that you had a crush on somebody!

  • Have chemistry with sb: есть химия с кем-то

He wants to see if you and I still have chemistry. 

  • To be heads over heel: for sb: влюбиться по уши

Miss Grace, you's head over heels for him.

  • Make eyes at sb: (to drool over) строить глазки

And then these young girls make eyes at men...

  • Pop the question: сделать предложение

I don't know, I just thought it'd be a perfect time to pop the question, so...

  • Tie the knot:  to get married пожениться

We always knew you two would tie the knot,

  • To be on the rocks:  иметь сложный период в отношениях

It was no great surprise when they announced their divorce. The marriage had been on the rocks for some time.

  • Go Dutch:  разделить счет в ресторане

I don't go Dutch on the first date. 


  • Baby: детка

 I just need you with me on this, baby.

  • Cutie: милашка, лапочка

He's a cutie, and he has his mother's eyes. 

  • Significant other: вторая половинка

My mama has been worried about my lack of a significant other.

  • Soul mate: вторая половинка

 I really thought he was my soul mate.

Fixed Expressions

  • Blind date: свидание вслепую

I'd probably go on a blind date.

  • Love at first sight: любовь с первого взгляда

I have fall in love at first sight just now.

  • A match made in heaven: союз, заключенный на небесах

 This is a match made in heaven.

2. Get to know “dating slang”

Загадочный сленг, который нужно знать, если у вас есть социальные сети, но нет второй половинки

1. What is ghosting

Сегодня это слово можно найти даже в словаре. Термин “ghosting” образовался от слова “ghost” (приведение). Когда ваша вторая половинка обрывает все контакты без каких-либо объяснений – сочувствуем, вы стали жертвой ghosting!

2. What is haunting?

Термин “haunting” непрерывно связан с теми же приведениями. Представьте: “a ghost”, который пару месяцев назад оборвал с Вами все связи, начинает смотреть Ваши истории в Снэпчате. Через несколько дней подписывается на Вас в инстаграме, в контакте и на фейсбуке, при этом, между вами не происходит никакого контакта – классический пример “haunting”. Как спастись от таких наблюдателей? Правильно, кнопкой «заблокировать».

3. What is zombieing?

Близкий друг термина “haunting”, “zombieing” также относится к отношениям, которые уже закончились. Однако, если “haunting” означает, что Ваш экс-возлюбленный поджидает Вас в темных углах социальных сетей,  то здесь он попытается возобновить отношения. Будьте осторожны! Как правило, это не приводит ни к чему хорошему и сводится обратно к “haunting”.

4. What is tuning?

“Tuning” – это очень аккуратный «подкат». Вы хотите завоевать чье-то сердце, но, при этом, не выглядеть слишком настойчиво. Итак, Вы лайкаете его твиты, отправляете милые видео с котиками, комментируете посты в инстаграме… Кто же Вы – хороший друг или немного больше? Зависит от  реакции!

5. What is sliding into your DMs?

Нет времени для tuning? Тогда вперед, прямо в “DM”! “DM” – личные сообщения в социальных сетях, где можно пофлиртовать вдали от чужих глаз. Но делайте это очень осторожно – велики шансы показаться чересчур навязчивым.

3. Do practice activities

Task 1. Choose the correct answer

1. You ask your friend John how he and his wife met. He tells you that it was “love at first sight”. What does he mean?

  • a) he hated his wife the first time they met
  • b) he gave her a gift the first time they met
  • c) he did something embarrassing the first time they met
  • d) he fell in love with her the moment he saw her

2. When you “love someone to death”, it means that…

  • a) you want to kill someone you love
  • b) your loved one is dead
  • c) you have a strong affection for someone
  • d) someone you love wants to kill you

3. “A match made in heaven” is…

  • a) a couple who’s perfect for each other
  • b) a game played by two people after they die
  • c) a game played by lovers
  • d) lovers blessed by pagan Goddesses

4. Your best friend has been talking excitedly about her new boyfriend. She claims he's her “soul mate”. What's a “soul mate”?

  • a) a person who steals souls
  • b) a person who is perfect for you in every way
  • c) an experienced match maker
  • d) a disastrous situation of biblical proportions

5. After dating for more than 10 years, Tom finally “popped the question” to his girlfriend Amy. What did Tom do?

  • a) Tom asked Amy to marry him
  • b) Tom popped out of a box
  • c) Tom broke up with Amy
  • d) Tom asked Amy if she wanted to go for a swim

6. What does the phrase “Love makes the world go round” mean?

  • a) Love is the reason gravity exists
  • b) Love is the reason why people race around the world in hot air balloons
  • c) Love is the reason that bad things that happen
  • d) Love is the reason for everything that happens and love can solve anything

7. What does it mean when someone tells you “you're a dream come true!”?

  • a) You’re a nightmare
  • b) You’re amazing
  • c) You snore
  • d) You look like a movie star

8.When you go on a “blind date”, it means…

  • a) you just rejected a date with a very attractive person
  • b) you’re going on a date with a monkey
  • c) you’re going on a date with a criminal
  • d) you’re going on a date with a person you've never met

9. Alex tells his best friend that he “has a thing for” Amy. What does he mean?

  • a) He likes Amy a lot
  • b) He bought something for Amy
  • c) He made something for Amy
  • d) Amy bought him a present

10. Amy believes she’s found her “Mr. Right”. What does she mean?

  • a) Her boyfriend's surname is “Right”
  • b) Her boyfriend is always right
  • c) Amy believes she’s found the perfect person for her
  • d) Amy believes she’s found the perfect person to mow her lawn

Task 2. Choose the correct answer

1. We had a huge fight, but we ___ that evening.

a) popped the question

b) made up

c) went out

2. He got down on one knee and ___.
a) tied the knot

b) went Dutch

c) popped the question

3. Jennifer and Chris always look so happy together. They're ___.
a) going Dutch

b) a match made in heaven

c) making up

4. They should never have ___ they were so much happier before they got married.
a) played hard to get т

b) tied the knot

c) popped the question

5. I wish he would stop ___ I know he likes me!
a) being on the rocks

b) going out with me

c) playing hard to get

6. We ___ which suits me. I don't think it's right that the man should always pay.
a) playing hard to get

b) were on the rocks

c) went Dutch

7. I've been ___ him for six months now.
a) going Dutch with

b) going out with

c) playing hard to get with

8. Our relationship was really ___ for a while, but I think we have survived it.
a) on the rocks

b) made up

c) a match made in heaven

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Показать ключи к уроку (результаты)

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