Bored vs. Boring

Target audience: teenagers, adults

Level: Intermediate and above

Language Focus: Grammar

Practice Type: General / Exam Practise

Lesson Plan:

  1. Revise the rule
  2. Practise your adjectives

1. Revise the rule

Глаголы могут образовывать прилагательные с помощью окончаний – ed и –ing. При этом значение таких прилагательных отличается друг от друга.

Прилагательные, заканчивающиеся на –ed выражают то, какие чувства испытывает человек:

e.g. I was fascinated by the photos of her trip to Thailand on her Facebook page. – Я был очарован фотографиями Таиланда на ее странице в Фейсбук.

He was amazed at how greatly my knowledge of English improved after preparing for a Cambridge exam. – Он был поражен, насколько улучшились мои знания английского после подготовки к кембриджскому экзамену.

Прилагательные, заканчивающиеся на –ing описывают характеристику ситуации и человека:

e.g. The news about the future wedding is absolutely fascinating. – Новоcть об их скорой свадьбе просто очаровательна.

Have you seen that amazing video on YouTube. – Ты видел то потрясающее видео на YouTube?

Давайте сравним:

Adjective + ed
Adjective + ing
  • Sophie was really annoyed with her little sister.
  • The film we watched was truly annoying.
  • Nick was interested in Science.
  • It is the most interesting thing I’ve ever seen.
  • I was shocked by her rude behavior.
  • Extreme sports can be really shocking.
  • Pam was surprised to be invited to the party.
  • It was surprising to see them together.
  • She felt frustrated by the news.
  • The news about their breakup is so frustrating.

2. Practise your adjectives

Task 1. Заполните пропуски подходящими прилагательными:

                        interesting                           boring                                disgusting                          confused
                        interested                            bored                                 disgusted                           confusing
                        exciting                               annoying                             tiring                                   worried
                        excited                                annoyed                              tired                                    worrying
  • My job is not ­­_________________ because I’m always learning something new. It is _________________, however, because I work all day.
  • They  thought she would like to try sushi, but she was _________________ by the idea of eating raw fish.
  • I’m _________________ in learning about climate change so that I can help stop it.
  • Peter was really _________________ when he got home. He just wanted to go to bed.
  • Lina looked out the window and frowned. Those black clouds were quite _________________.
  • There is an _________________ new ride at Dreamland! Have you tried it?
  • Physics is _________________ because the math is often difficult, but it’s also _________________ because it tries to explain things we can’t see.
  • Mosquitos are really _________________ when they buzz around your ears while you’re sleeping, don’t you think?
  • He was very _________________ during the math test; he didn’t remember how to do any of it.
  • She couldn’t wait for the party. She was so _________________ she couldn’t sleep.
  • “Where have you been!” Mom yelled. “I’ve been _________________ sick about you!”
  •  “Yuck! This milk has gone bad! _________________!” Sophie cried.
  • I feel _________________ when I’ve just cleaned the house and someone immediately dirties it again.
  • They were so _________________ during the movie that they left before it was finished.

 Task 2. Потренируйте скороговорку:


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Answer Key: Task 1: 1.boring, tiring, 2.disgusted, 3.interested, 4.tired, 5.worrying, 6.exciting, 7.confusing, interesting, 8.annoying, 9.confused, 10.excited, 11.worried, 12.disgusting, 13.annoyed, 14.bored.