Body Language

Target audience: Teenagers, Adults

Level: Intermediate and above

Language Focus: Reading, Vocabulary  

Practice Type: General Practice

Lesson Plan:

  1. Read an article
  2. Do practice activities
  3. Find out more about the body language
1. Read an article

Active Vocabulary:

  • Cross your arms
  • Eye contact
  • Nod your head
  • Clear your throat
  • Fidgeting
  • Rubbing the nose
  • Narrow one’s eyes
  • Stand too close
  • Raising eyebrows
  • Pick lint of one’s clothes

I can tell she's lying. How? Well, she wasn't looking straight in the eye, she was fiddling with her fingers and her fast pulse rate exposed itself through the faint flush on her cheeks. Oh come on, haven't you heard of body language? How to know if someone's available and interested? How to know if someone's sincere? If someone's sad and melancholy? Do you want to gain some more tips on how to understand body language? If yes, then read on.


Understanding Body Language


Crossing Your Arms: Crossed arms can be interpreted as a sign of defensiveness or resistance. It may also imply that the person crossing his/her arms is trying to resist your impact and influence.

Eye Contact: Very little eye contact coveys your uneasiness or disinterest. While too much eye contact can make others feel comfortable, looking straight in the eye conveys confidence, and that you are listening to the other person intently.

Nodding The Head: This gesture implies agreement or understanding. However, too much bobbing may be taken as an indicator of nervousness or anxiousness.

Clearing The Throat: Though clearing the throat may not be done purposely to mean something, there is a possibility for it to be mistaken for indecisiveness, disagreement or deception.

Fidgeting: Fidgeting is a clear sign of boredom, impatience and nervousness. It conveys that you want to find something better to do.

Hand & Gestures: An open hand can be seen as an indicator of sincerity and helpfulness, though not under all circumstances. However, clenched fists are interpreted as an indicator of tension or anger.

Touching/ Rubbing The Nose Gently: This gesture is a reflection of a feeling of rejection, doubt or lying.

Narrowing Eyes: Narrowing your eyes while looking at someone conveys an impression that you do not like him/her. However, some people also tend to narrow their eyes, when they are thinking over something.

Standing Too Close: Standing too close to someone reflects your closeness and comfort level with that person. Mostly, we stand very close to our good and intimate friends only.

Holding Objects In Front Of Your Body: Holding a cup of coffee, notebook, handbag, etc in front of your body is an indicator of shyness and resistance. It implies that you are hiding behind the object to separate yourself from others.

 Raising Eyebrow: Raising an eyebrow can be interpreted as “oh really?” It conveys to the other person that you are yet to believe what he/she is saying. It means that you are suspicious.

Picking Lint Of Your Clothes: During a conversation, if you are looking downwards and picking lint from your clothes, it implies that you are disapproving of the ideas of the other people. It can also mean that you feel uneasy giving them an honest opinion.

  • 2. Do practice activities

Task 1. Выберите правильный ответ.


What feeling shows your doubt, lying or the rejection of the idea?

a) Narrowing eyes

b) Rubbing the nose

What expresses surprise or suspicion?

a) Raising eyebrows

b) Fidgeting

What implies agreement or understanding?

a) Nodding your head

b) Standing too close

What gesture helps you to resist somebody’s influence or impact?

a) Crossing your arms

b) Clearing your throat

Very little of what can show your uneasiness or disinterest?

a) Fidgeting

b) Eye contact

How do people show that they are bored or nervous?

a) Holding objects in from of them

b) Fidgeting

Task 2. Соотнесите название жестов с картинками:

3. Find out more about body language

Watch a video "10 Things Your Body Language Says About You"

Download a worksheet BodyLanguageQuiz.pdf


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Task 1. b,a,a,a,b,b. Task 2. quiet, 2. blink, 3.folding your arms, 4.leaning, 5. making a wish, 6.eye contact, 7.OK, 8. peace, 9.point, 10.scratching your head, 11.shaking your fist, 12.shrug, 13.stare